Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days After Cross Limit

Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days After Cross Limit {Latest trick}

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Hello friends, in this chapter, i show you the trick  how to change Facebook  name Before 60 days after crossing limit. In Facebook rule you can not change your profile name before 60 days. But if you want to change your profile name and you do this recently yet you want to change the profile name , then read full post and follow instruction. In this blog I guide you to change your name on Facebook before 60 days With the help of easy trick. I also post How To Recover Disabled Facebook Account must read it.

Change Facebook profile name

In this trick i tell you how to change your Facebook name before 60 days. Changing profile name has one best legal way available, but in this process you will send one of your id like Adhara card, driving license, pan card etc. This is not best for everyone, so i bring a simple trick for you to change profile name on Facebook before 60 days. Facebook ban this before 60 days for security reason. I posted many Facebook related and other post you must read How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently.

Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days-

Many time , we change our profile name on our Facebook profile but at last we fond it not suitable. So we want to change our profile name again, but when you go to change your name facbook will display a message- “you can not change your profile name this time, because you have already changed it within last 60 days”. At this condition we have 2 way to go

How to change profile name on facebook

  • First legal way to send our valid id proof
  • Second to use a easy trick for change your profile name on facebook, which i show you

Here we will see second trick to change profile name on facbook. For this we use pc or laptop.Now follow these steps.

How To Change Facebook Profile name Before 60 Days

  • First open browser on our pc and login our facebook account
  • After it, we will open 
  • Now it ask for password, enter your password
  • Then it ask you, what your real name, select your real name and click next
  • Now it show you a success message.

Like this you have successfully changed your profile name on facebook before 60 days. It is the best easiest way to change name enjoy this trick and share with your friends.

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Final Words-

Friends, I think you like this post, because it is the best and easiest way to change your Facebook profile name before 60 days. If you have any problem with related this post then you write to me in comment box, i try my best for your problem. Thanks for visiting, subscribe for more new blogs.

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