Dual Whatsapp Account In Single Android Mobile

Use 2 WhatsApp Account In Single Android Mobile

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Hi friends, Use 2 whatsapp account in single android mobile, I show you how you can install 2 whatsapp account in single mobile . In these days people likes these type of Whatsapp tricks , Many people search for Dual whatsapp account it means Dual whatsapp account is populer in these days. In this tutorial i guide you  how you use dual account in Whatsapp .

For your multi account whatsapp you need rooted android phone in some method which is not suitable for many Whatsapp users, so i take method for you, who you can use it in without rooted mobile .

Dual Whatsapp Trick-

Whatsapp is most popular social media app, millions of users active on whatsapp in this time and increasing . Many users want to run dual whatsapp account on his mobile phone, If you try any other method you face some errors. So i show you the trick-

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First Trick- Gb Whatsapp-

In this method you need some thing, which is helps you to run dual whatsapp in same android mobile follow these-

  • Single android mobile
  • An app Named Gb Whatsapp Download gb whatsapp
  • Any type of internet connection

After completing these, start method following, it works on both rooted or non rooted mobile do it with us-

  • First install Gb Whatsapp 
  • After it open gb whatsapp
  • Enter your mobile no for second account (not same as first account)
  • Then it will send you OTP automatically
  • Enter OTP and verify

After successfully install your gb whatsapp you get your second whatsapp space with new account. Like this you have two accout

First- Original Whatsapp                        Second- Gb Whatsapp

It is the easiest way  to use  two whatsapp account in single android mobile. Now i show you one another  way which work perfectly and with this trick you enjoying many app as dual app.

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Second Trick- Parallel Space App-

If you suffer any problem  with first method, then try this method, with this method you run your dual whatsapp account in same mobile easily. For this trick you follow this trick as following-

  • First install Parallel Space App  Download Parallel Space App
  • After installation open it and select whatsapp from the list and click on add to parallel space.
  • Then open whatsapp from parallel space
  • After open enter your mobile and verify

Like this second apps are available for you with this app. The parallel space app is simple and problem free and no any error, so you use this without any problem and enjoy with second space.


These two methods are 100% working and perfect for whatsapp users who want two account in same time and same mobile. So use this and enjoy  these apps . These apps are trouble free yet if you find any problem comment to me on comment box.

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