How to Upload Profile Picture On Facebook In Original Size

Upload Profile Picture On FacebooIn Original Size

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This is a general question who people ask that how to upload profile picture on facebook in original size. In this blog we learn how can we upload full size profile picture on facebook without trim . If you use facebook daily, I think, you know that big popular site like facebook do not allow for wide picture as profile picture. So we do this with other way.

This is another way which we use to upload for full size profile picture. In next step I show you the method to use for uploading full size profile picture on facebook. This trick work In every type of facbook, like android app Facebook, pc facebook, or any other. We use this method via android mobile follow it step wise-

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Upload Profile Picture On Facebook

Without Crop

  • After installing this app, open it.
  • Then select “pick a photo” option
  • Then select photo which you want to set in full size
  • After it select background type, its your choice
  • Then save it, set the quality in save process
  • Now open your facbook in any device
  • upload profile picture who saved by this process
  • Now you can see your profile picture is set in full size because you change your picture by adding background .

It is the way you use and solve your image crop problem, this way you upload your full size image on facebook. This is 100% working lesson .

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Note- For this method you need mobile


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