How To Install Dolby Atoms In Android Device

Hi friends, here i guide you how to install Dolby atoms in android device . Before some time people here music with cassette player, CD player, iPod etc. But today mostly music lover play music in their android mobile phone . It make’s so easy to store a lot of music in android mobile. But when we hear music in mobile some issue found as low sound or sound clarity. If you like to hear music then this setting solve your all the music related problem. I also posted read Youtube Video Downloader App For Android Their are many music related apps and settings are available in the android apps market but this one is best of all. You also heard about Dolby atoms. This setting is most popular in android music lover, so you also try it and enjoy music top quality sound music. You flash this settings in recovery.

How To Install Dolby Atoms In Android Device

How To Install Dolby Atoms In Android Device

Install Dolby Atoms In Android

Dolby atoms function is available only in Sony and lenovo mobiles not any other mobiles. But if you want this feature in your android phone.  You can easily get this feature by flashing Dolby atoms file in your android phone. Dolby atoms increases your sound experience after flashing . It provide some function to equalise sound quality. For this function you don’t need rooted phone. If you want to root your phone then read this article How To Root Android Mobile Without Computer . Some android phone doesn’t support Dolby atoms apk so here i show you a simple trick to get Dolby atoms. With the help of this simple trick you can easily install Dolby atoms on androidYou also like this article 6 Best PPD Websites For Earn Money Online . There are some advantages and some disadvantages so before instillation read these then decide to install.

Advantages of Dolby Atoms In Android 

Here are some advantages of Dolby atoms. This app is best for music lovers because it makes sound so clear and high quality. So read every advantages  and install to enjoy full quality music.

  • You can equalise every music as you need
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Makes high quality music in your android
  • App is free of cost


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Disadvantages of Dolby Atoms In Android 

This app has some advantages and some disadvantages too. So read before install and follow limitation of the Dolby atoms.

  • Supported version 4.3 and upper version. Don’t try in older version because it brick your android device.
  • You can not uninstall normally. You need another zip file to uninstall Dolby atoms. Get this zip file from this link. Uninstaller Zip For Dolby Atoms

Requirements For Dolby Atoms

You need some basic things to install Dolby atoms. So complete it and be ready to install Dolby atoms.

  • Dolby atoms zip file download from here Dolby Atoms Zip Download
  • Custom recovery as CWM /TWRP etc.
  • Few minutes to complete it


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How To Install Dolby Atoms In Android

Here we go to install Dolby atoms so first read carefully advantages, disadvantages and requirement given above then  go to install. Here all the process given step by step follow them to install Dolby atoms in your android phone.

  • First Check that custom recovery is successfully flashed in your android device
  • Now download  Dolby atoms in your SD card or phone memory ( download from given link above)
  • Then switch off your phone and boot it in recovery mode by pressing volume up key+ power button (Open in recovery mode is change in every android device so check your device method to open recovery mode)
  • Now click on install in recovery option.
Install Dolby Atoms In Android Device

Install Dolby Atoms In Android Device

  • Then search the location and select Dolby atoms zip file
Install Dolby Atoms In Android

Install Dolby Atoms In Android

  • Now recovery flash that file in your android phone, wait till this process complete
Dolby Atoms In Android

Dolby Atoms In Android

  • After complete above process, reboot system, like this you have installed Dolby atoms successfully in your android device
Dolby Atoms Android APK

Dolby Atoms Android APK

This  is the simple, best and easy process for installing Dolby atoms in android phone. Now you use Dolby atoms and experience high quality sound.


Dolby atom is best app for best music experience. It has many audio effect features. Try it once and never you will uninstall it because it’s a great music app. This is full guide how to install/uninstall Dolby atoms audio app on any android device. You can install Dolby atoms apk without root device. I think this is the complete guide and no need to search for Dolby atoms for android apk. After all you have any query then you are free to comment me. Thanks

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