How To Join Facebook Profile Picture And Cover Photo

Join Facebook Profile Picture And Cover Photo

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Hi friends, In this tutorial, I will guide you how to join Facebook profile picture with cover photo, for looks like a single photo, but simply its not so easy, So a tool is available for this work. This tool work joining work fine for you. I think you see many combined picture on facebook. But you do not know how it possible, if you want to make joined Facebook profile picture and cover photo, then follow these steps , I guide you in a easy way-

Joined Cover Picture And Profile Picture

It so simple to create cover picture and profile picture in one picture without any editing knowledge.


  • A profile picture in which you want to set
  • A cover photo (Timeline Photo)
  • Online Link Of Tricked Out Timeline

Tricked out Timeline is a online tool Which work fine without any problem. With the help of tricked out timeline, we created a combined picture of Cover photo and profile photo in easy step follow these

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Joining of Profile Picture And Cover Photo

  • First we open  Tricked Out Time line  in our pc
  • After it, select merge profile and cover photo in option

  • Now upload image which you want
  • Then select part of picture which you want profile picture
  • Click on done, then download the final picture

It is your joined Profile and cover photo. In this tool cover photo automatically cropped. like this you make this easily with the help of this online tool.

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Conclusion- This is the easiest way to join profile picture and cover photo . Like this you make beautiful and good looking combine picture and be popular on Facebook. In this guide i provide you a easy trick yet any problem you found please write to me in comment box. Thank’s for reading this post, for more update subscribe now.


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