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Online Gaming – Type, Benefits, Risks and Tips for Safe Gaming

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Hi friends we are come again with a new topic Online gaming. There are many games are played online with other players via internet. All these are done with the help of Computer, laptops, mobile or gaming console. Many of these games are use your identity and you do not know who they are. This can be a hidden risk in downloading and playing. These types of risks are in both condition of gaming online website games or app based games. I also published [Working 100%] Xfinity WiFi Username and Password Hack Online For free and whatsapp 6 digit code generator Archives

Online Gaming

Multiplayer Online Game

Type of Online Games-

 Virtual Worlds-

These types of games have an online gaming world called virtual world whose contain all things as real. Players available in game as avatar (cartoon character). These types of games are most popular in youth players. Virtual games have audio, video and chats option. Virtual worlds are in two types. First the game provides socialize and shopping environment second multiplayer online games (MMORPGS) that provide story line or quest.

Multiplayer Online Games-

In this type of games you can play with your real game player friends or other player from all over world. These types of games give us opportunities to learn many social skills like helping, guiding or group organizing and how we take decision in any situation. Though multiplayer online games are interesting but it consumes your lots of time.

Benefits of Online Gaming-

  • Great source entertainment and kill your boredom.
  • Helps to relieve stress.
  • Helps to improve vision.
  • Enhance attention and concentration.
  • Improves coordination and reactions time.
  • Enhances brain’s speed and memory.
  • Improves multitasking skills.
  • Improve social skills with other players.
  • Improves problem-solving skills.
  • It is a great source of learning with fun.
  • You can play online games and earn cash in your spare time.

Risks of Online Gaming-

Here are some risks in online gaming.

  • Most games take your personal information like address, age, email id and password.
  • Pirated copies of games can make you penalties as account suspension or other.
  • Blocked your PCs, game consoles or mobile and deleted your personal and account detail.
  • Playing more hours continuously is harmful for you.

Issues Related Online Gaming-

Some issues are about online gaming is here.

Sexual Content-

There are some sexual contents are available in few online games. It’s a worrying thing. Some players are not adult and mature they learn wrong things from game.


In this time we see that violated games are so popular in youth. This is harmful for our children and our social environment.

Excess Gaming-

Player became addictive on online gaming. It’s became habit, Excess online game playing is an issue. Online games are attracts to young boys for long time play.

Tips for Safe Gaming-

Here are some tips for safe gaming.

  • Play only genuine version games from genuine source.
  • Play online games when you have a genuine and powerful total antivirus installed in your device.
  • Keep strong password
  • Don’t share your personal information to other game player.
  • Fill detail not belonging from your personal information.
  • Don’t allow to games related unauthorized program.
  • Keep rule for game playing time.


Finally I say it’s an extreme experience of gaming but its own profit and loss. You can learn many things and enjoy from online gaming if you carefully follow instructions and rules. Thanks a lot for giving your precious time. If you have any question then you free to write us by comment.

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