How To Recall Sent messages In Whatsapp Before Read

  • How To Recall Sent messages In Whatsapp

Hi friends, This time every person who use android phone, I think 95% of them use whatsapp. Many type of Whatsapp related tricks available on internet like status related, display picture, settings, Video call etc. But here i introduce a new feature recall sent messages in whatsapp. If you send any wrong message then if you want to recall that message then try this trick. I explore it step wise. I also posted whatsapp related post read it-Dual Whatsapp Account In Single Android Mobile How To Join & Share Whatsapp Group Links.

How To Recall Sent messages In Whatsapp Before Read

How To Recall Sent messages In Whatsapp Before Read

Feature of recall sent message is not official but it work. Some time we send some wrong messages like adult picture, abusive words by mistake to that person, who not belong to that message. Then we feel guilty and takes headache. But don’t worry, you can recall that message and delete it from both side and feel free. This feature is very important to us because i also trapped like this situation. I think you also face some critical situation like this. Here i guide you to get rid off this type of problem, follow it step wise-

Requirements Of Recall Whatsapp Messages

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Now we see the requirement for recall whatsapp messages. Some small things needed who essential .

  • First we need android mobile
  • Internet connection in mobile
  • GB whatsapp in your phone

After completing these requirements, we will see the process how to recall whatsapp messages in your android .

How To Recall Whatsapp Messages In Your android Device

Here i discribe steps to recall whatsapp messages, so carefully follow steps and recall your whatsapp message who disturb you.

how to recall whatsapp message

how to recall whatsapp message

  • First download and install GB whatsapp  Download GB whatsapp
  • Now open gb whatsapp
  • Enter mobile number to verify your mobile number
  • After completing installation and verification, we will check recall option
  •  First send a message to some one
  • Then select that message and click on menu
  • Click on recall option
  • It will ask you again to confirm recall
  • Click on recall

Like this, you successfully recall your message. Now check the message in which mobile you send but you will not able to see because this message is recalled.



This is the way you can recall your wrong message . after recall, message will not be shown to other side. One message show their “this message has been deleted”. This is not official but recall option available. Use this trick and enjoy trouble free guide. If you have any problem then write to me in comment box. Thank’s for reading this blog.

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