1. http://Gcoleman says

    Do you paste the script in the webs console area and push enter? If so, I am not seeing anything happening.

  2. http://Wally says

    Is it possible for this script to work as a group moderator instead of admin?

  3. http://forge%20albert says

    nothing happen

  4. nothing happen for me to

  5. http://someone says

    Does not work this time, but this script is working best i am using it before some time

  6. http://Monika says

    I read this article,its nice. Thanks for it.

  7. http://Sofia%20Du%20Barry says

    Thanks for the article, trying to use it, should I paste it to Inspector? Or any other part of the “Inspect Element”?

  8. http://DW says

    I don’t understand the script

  9. http://Stefano%20Ferruggiara says

    In the code there is 2 number.. on is ID and the second?? .. We have to leave like this 11223344 or what??

  10. http://briana says

    did it work

  11. http://Maria%20Kayani says

    i get an error message
    (2) [“my id”, “11223344”]

    what am i doing wrong?

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