Best Trick To Enable Secret Conversation On Facebook Messenger

Hi friends, facebook added a new security feature to save privacy. Here we talk about this privacy feature how to enable secret conversation on facebook messenger. In this feature we chat with our relatives or friends secretly, no other one can see this chat. Its an end to end encryption means fully secured. This chat is so secured, facebook also can not see your chat. This advance security feature secure our connection in only between two person. So try this useful trick to secure your chat and enjoy this feature.

Here i come back with new facebook trick. I guide you to enable secret conversation in facebook messenger. Facebook popularity is all over world and user increases day by day because facebook is only a platform where you connect to every one who use facebook. Facebook is used by all country people who use internet.

secret conversation on facebook messenger

secret conversation on facebook messenger

In start facebook was a platform for chatting to our friends or relatives but it is open for all, anyone can see it. After some time facebook launches messenger, it is most popular version for those who chat. In messenger you can chat directly to your friends and no other can see but it is not fully secured. Now we will enable secret conversation in facebook messenger for secured connection. I also post HOW TO REMOVE ALL MEMBERS OF A GROUP OF FACEBOOK IN A SINGLE TIME.

Secret Chat On Facebook Messenger-

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Facebook definitely a big social media company, this company is also owner of whatsapp who is another chatting and data sharing apps. Like this the height of this company is being so high in social media. In this time there are no other competitor of facebook. Facebook improve their messenger and be secure. You must read Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days After Cross Limit.

Advantage of Secret Chat In Facebook Messenger-

  • In secret chat you can do all things as normal chat.
  • It has a option to set the time for deleting chat, like this no one can see your chat.
  • Secret chat will play in its black tab.

Disadvantage Of Secret Chat-

  • You can not perform secret conversation on desktop or  laptop.
  • Chat of secret messenger is auto deleted after 24 hours.
  • Many bad person use this for bad work.

How To enable secret Chat On Facebook Messenger

  • First download facebook messenger latest version and install itDownload Messenger
  • Now open it, login with your facebook account
  • Then go to profile option
secret conversation on facebook

secret conversation on facebook

  • Select secret conversation, enable it
Secret conversation

Secret conversation

This way you are ready for secret conversation .

Chatting With Our Friends In Secret Conversation-

  • Open facebook messanger
  • Enable secret conversation
  • After it select a contact for chat
  • Now you entered your friend’s chat tab
  • Then select “¡” from upper corner
How to secret conversation on facebook

How to secret conversation on facebook

  • Now click on secret conversation from menu

After all a black window open, it is secret conversation.



This post is related on secret conversation on facebook messenger. Full guide to use this secret conversation option is this. This service is encrypted end to end. This is latest technology of security. So this app is dependable. Best feature of this app is that the chat is automatically deleted after 24 hours. I hope you like this post if any problem comment to me. Thank’s for reading

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