How To See Who Viewed Your Facebook profile

Hi friends Today facebook is most popular app in this app every person can view any one’s facebook profile if not blocked. The question is that how we know who visit our facebook profile? There are some facebook apk who claim that their apps are best and user of that apps easily find the person who visited their facebook profile. But are this true ? No mostly of them are fake many apps are made for steal personal data of users. Facebook not allowed such type of features officially but users of facebook are highly curious to know who has visited their profile. So here i share some unofficial method to see who views yours facebook. I tell you every step for knowing your profile visitors on facebook. 

Know your facebook profile visitor

Know your facebook profile visitor

Who Looking My Facebook Profile

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Every person want to know who take interest in him. It is a general thought of human. This feature is not available in facebook and not recommend any other 3rd party app to use. But it is possible to know who looks your facebook. I searches for this purpose and found many ways but i found some best method to know facebook profile visitor. If this question comes in your mind that who looks your facebook profile then i would like to tell you that this facility is out of facebook policies. But an add on available in chrome which provide service to check who visited your facebook profile. Visit article How to Know Who Visited Your WhatsApp Profile Today and How To Create WhatsApp Account With USA +1 Number

1st Method

Google Chrome Extension

Google chrome extension profile visitor for facebook is fully free. This extension helps you to find who views your facebook. But this one is only for google chrome users. So if you want to use this feature then you know first that it track only that users who use this extension on their chrome neither it not work. First install google chrome and then use this extention. Then if any person view your profile via google chrome then you can know that who view your facebook profile.

How To Track Who View Your Facebok Profile

How we find the person who view your facebook, for this follow steps.

Detect your facebook profile visitor

Detect your facebook profile visitor

  • First download Profile Visitor for facebook in google chrome Download Profile Visiters
  • Then open facebook and login, now you see one extra “visitor” tab on top blue bar.
  • Open this tab now you can see last visitor and visiting time of your facebook profile.

Note- This extension show you only that visitors who have already installed this extension.

This Profile Visitors extension is available fully free and no ads display. This is a fantastic extension which works fine. If mostly people use it then it will be most popular extension for knowing visitors of facebook profile.

2nd Method

Check Manually Who Visited Your Facebook

You can check visitors of your facebook profile manually. For this follow steps

  • Open facebook and login your id and go to your timeline page and copy url (
  • Now right click on browser then click on ‘view page source’
  • Then new window open with coding page
  • Here click ctrl+f now you see a text box type their “initialchatfriendslist”
  • now you will see a list of numbers these are id’s of those person who view your facebook timeline .
  • Then open facebook .com here paste id number like
  • First id show you the profile visitor but last id never see your profile.

3rd Method

Check who Viewed My Facebook Profile By Android App

With this method you can easily check who viewed your facebook profile in your android device using an app. Try it with the help of easy steps.

See your facebook profile visitor

See your facebook profile visitor

  • After installation open this app
  • Now click on login with facebook button
  • login your facebook account by simply enter your account detail
  • After login facebook give required permission to app
  •  Wait for sometime and it will show you the visitor who view your facebook profile.

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Wrapping Up

These are the best way to find facebook profile visitor. This is so hard to track your facebook profile visitor at that time when this feature is not available officially. But the method given above are best and helps you to find your facebook profile visitor. I think your this question are solved and if you have any problem then comment me in comment box. Thanks for landing on this site. Subscribe for more fantastic post and share if you like.


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