How To Set Notification Ringtone For Low Battery

Set Notification Ringtone For Low Battery In Android

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Hi friends, today i tell you how to set notification ringtone for low battery in android . Friends many time we suffer from low battery, but some time we don’t know this cause mobile switch off. So friends i tell you a solution to get rid off this problem low battery causes switch off. Some android phone has available this option but we miss it many time, but in this trick when mobile battery goes down ringtone automatically ringing and then you can connect your mobile charger. I also posted How To Get Paid Apps For Free On Android {2 Methods} so read it and enjoy.

We use a app to solve this problem, with the help of this app we can set battery full notification ringtone. Many time when we use mobile data, WiFi or hotspot mobile battery goes down fastly and automatically turn off on 0 % of battery level. In some mobile phone low battery notification option available but  it,s sound so slow, and many time we not hear this sound cause mobile turn off after some time. So we use this app for louder ringtone which we set as our choice.

How To Set low Battery Notification Ringtone In Android

Here we show you the method how can we use this app and how to set notification ringtone on low battery in our android mobile phone. This is a 100% working app to set notification ringtone at low battery. Here we learn how to set ringtone after complete these settings our phone will ring when battery goes down then we connect charger to our phone and our phone never switched off. So follow these steps to set this problem .

low battery notification ringtone

  • First download and install “Battery Notifier BT Free”Download
  • Now open and go to setting
  • After it select low battery charge option
  • Now choose low battery level change it as your choice for notification, change repeat interval, vibration mode, sound mode and notification ringtone all you set as your choice.

When you complete all the setting it will ready to work. Now when your battery percentage level reached as you set, then ringtone ring and now you connect charger and avoid to switch off your mobile.

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This is the app which work for low battery notification ringtone in android . This is 100% working and most helpful app. With this method you solve this type of problem but if you have any problem then write to me in comment box, thanks for visiting, for more updates subscribe now.


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