Top 3 Ways to Convert VOB to MP4

VOB is a complicated file format for storing the DVD videos. A VOB file can contain various video subtitles, DVD menus, video & audio streams. Mac and different PCs can play VOB videos, but most of the computers do not support VOB formats. Do you want to watch any DVD movie or your important VOB video on your laptop or your phone? If yes, then you have to convert the VOB file into MP4 form?

How to convert VOB to MP4 videos?

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The conversion of VOB to MP4 of DVD movies is not an easy task. For converting the format of VOB files into high-quality, MP4 formats require lots of time due to their extra-large sizes. Do you know which software or website is best for changing the format of your VOB files? This is a small information article where you can learn best and fast 3 ways to convert the format of VOB files.


In the market, many software and websites can convert VOB to MP4. But is the fastest and free website that can convert VOB to MP4. is becoming popular due to its advanced converting techniques and speed. With this website, you can convert the VOB not only in MP4 format but also in AVI and MOV format. No matter, if you want to edit the format of your VOB video or enhance the overall look, can perform all these tasks at a fast speed. Look at the simple steps that you have to follow for converting VOB into Mp4.


  • Select the VOB file that you want to convert or upload it from your Google Drive or Browser
  • Select your desired format from the menu
  • Conversion will take few minutes; hit the download MP4 button after the complete process

2. Wondershare Video Converter

As you already know, there are various video converter software/websites, and this is also one of the best VOB to MP4 converter. Wondershare Video Converter uses “Head-to-Head” comparison technology. This video converter is 30 times faster in converting heavy VOB files.


  • Hit on the Convert section on the top of the board and upload any VOB file.
  • From the format panel, select MP4 format for your VOB video
  • Hit the Convert or Convert All button on the right side of the bottom side
  • Conversion may take a few minutes. After the complete process, click the download MP4 video and save it on your computer.

This is the last but best software for converting VOB to MP4 videos. If you are in need or immediately need to convert small VOB videos, then this software is best for you. You just have to follow some simple steps and our MP4 videos are all ready for use.


  • Select the option “select files” from the left side of the bar and upload your desire VIB file
  • Click on the drop-down menu of Convert to and select MP4 format
  • The conversion of small files will complete within 5 minutes. After the complete conversion process, click on the download mp4 file and save your video on your device.

3 methods, as mentioned above are the easiest ways to convert the VOB files to MP4 videos.

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